Do it yourself - Sweet cream butter

Now it’s cold and rainy outside, it’s hard to imagine life without butter, and all the countless ways you can enjoy it. Here is a recipe with just one single ingredient

Ingredients for approx. 100 g butter


  • 200 ml cold whipping cream, at least 30 percent fat
  • 1 empty screw top jar or similar
  • 1 sieve

1. Put the cream – it should be at fridge temperature – in a jar and close the lid tightly.


2. Shake the jar for at least three minutes, until a lump of yellow butter forms. The aim is to separate the fat globules in the cream from the liquid.


3. Take the sieve and pour through the liquid. It’s butter-milk and you can drink it right away or save it to use in a soup, for example.


4. Your butter will be very creamy and now, it’s already ready. You can add herbs if you like, or create a tasty tomato butter. But it still contains a lot of liquid, so it needs to go in the fridge, and it won’t keep for very long.*




5. Enjoy!








* To make it last longer: Put the butter back in the jar and pour ice-cold water over it. Shake the glass until the water turns cloudy, to release any remaining buttermilk. Drain it and repeat the process until the water almost runs clear. Place the butter in a clean cloth then wring it out to remove any remaining liquid. It should last at least one to two weeks in the fridge.


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