The new Alete – more modern, more authentic, more aware

“Alete aware” helps young families to provide healthy nutrition for their babies and children. The brand is now being fully revamped

For 85 years, Alete has been known for high-quality baby food. It’s Germany’s second-best known baby food brand and has been part of the DMK family since 2019. That marked the beginning of a new era. Alete is now known as “Alete bewusst,” meaning Alete aware. Naturally good for us.


“Our range supports parents in introducing healthy eating habits early on, and provides the foundations for nutritional awareness later in life,” says Christoph Esch, General Manager Humana Sales at the DMK Group. The importance of this can be seen in just a few figures: Some 15 percent of children between the ages of three and 17 are overweight, while six percent are obese. Mothers, meanwhile, are worried and are calling for sensible, healthy nutrition for their children. Alete aware products seek to meet this need. They offer moms valuable tips and inspiration, while exciting kids about healthy eating from an early age.

Delicious and chosen with care: Alete aware products get youngsters excited about healthy eating from an early age

The new brand message “Naturally good for us” triggers two important emotions. Firstly, the sense of “us” in a young family bonding together and looking for direction in a new phase of life. That’s exactly what a strong brand like Alete aware is offering – making purchasing decisions easier. Secondly, the brand message emphasizes natural ingredients. “Alete represents decades of nutritional expertise,” says General Manager Esch. “This relaunch makes Alete into a modern brand for child nutrition that helps form youngsters’ tastes, through carefully selected, healthy ingredients. We’ve enabled the product to be repositioned in line with DMK’s strategy.”


Almost 80 percent of Alete’s products are already made with reduced sugar. None of the products contain palm oil and every jar and every bar is organic quality. And the range is set to expand for children who are a year old, with new tomato and spinach pasta, and two new sauces – all organic quality – to keep youngsters feeling full and happy. Alete has also expanded its range of products for kids age three and upwards, with organic soups and stew. The brand has had a thorough overhaul, and now has a smarter logo, design, product portfolio and a new presence online.


The www.aletebewusst.de website went online at the start of October 2020, and is a conscious step forward, displaying all that the brand stands for: modernity, transparency and authenticity.

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